Thursday, December 17, 2015

December in the Library!

This month has been exciting in the library! Maker Space Tuesdays and Thursdays have provided kids with an opportunity to create popsicle stick snowflakes. New books acquired from the book fair have made their way to the shelves. New cork has been added to the walls to have a place to hang posters. (Thanks Mr. Larry!) Shelves have been moved to create a more inviting space.

With all the rain outside, the library has been a popular place for recess. Creativity and fun to be had by all! We have many games, coloring options, building toys, and more. 

6th graders participated in the Hour of Code, where they learned the basics of computer programming. Try for yourself at

I always have need of helpers in the library. Whether that be during your student's library time or just a few minutes before you are running off to your next adventure, please consider joining us! Contact me at with any questions.

For the month of November and December, the Kinder class has been reading books about friendship and working together. On Wednesday we read, "Unicorn Thinks He is Pretty Great". After the story each student made a paper chain. We decided that by putting all our tiny chains together we could create a big chain! Now the friendship chain will hang in the Kinder room to remind everyone what you can do with teamwork! 

SMART Reading Tips for the Holidays

Winter break is right around the corner, and holidays can get pretty hectic! Routines can fly out the window with celebrations, travel and out-of-town guests. As your family prepares for the holidays, use these tips for keeping kids engaged in learning and reading over winter break.
  1. Read for fun! Whether your child is in the mood for holiday stories or the newest installment from a favorite series, winter break provides the perfect opportunity to set aside school books and read for fun. Make time for bedtime stories to create the routine and enjoy books on a daily basis.
  2. Stock up on books at the local library. Help your child pick out books they’re interested in reading over the winter break. Libraries may also have fun, free holiday activities throughout the break.
  3. Make the most of travel time. Turn travel time to or from a holiday get-together into an opportunity to practice reading. You can look for license plates from different states, try to find the alphabet on the license plates, or count the number of red (or white or green) cars you see. Read street signs and billboards you see along the way.
  4. Create a new tradition. A little predictability is comforting for kids. Starting a special Winter Break Story Time can be a new tradition that links reading with happy memories. Hot cocoa and your favorite stories will have the whole family feeling comfy and cozy, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to help your child with reading. By simply interacting with children around books, you can show them that books are important and worthy of our attention.