Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Battle of the Books - Do you know what is going on?!?!

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Feeling left out, worried, or confused about Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)? No worries!  I have the answers.  All OBOB info can be found at, but here are the basics and their timeline. 

Now: Students are reading the OBOB titles and starting to form their teams.  If your student doesn't have a team yet, don't worry!  Just keep them reading those OBOB titles.

November: Final teams will be formed.  Students will meet as a team and make sure that within their group at least every title has been read once.  They will start to memorize the titles and authors from each OBOB book. 

December: Teams will continue to read and memorize.  We will take time in library class to answer sample questions.  Teams may also meet on their own and work on sample questions (provided by me.)

January: Teams will continue to work on sample questions and prepare for the battles.

February: Local battles will be held in the library at lunch time.  Each team will get to battle twice and then their team score will be added together to determine who will be representing SIA at the regional battle held in March. 

What does a team look like?  Each team consists of 5 members.  One of those members is an alternate.  Each member of the team should read as many titles as they can.  If that is 2 titles, then that is perfect!  If students don't have a team, we have plenty of students that are looking for a team and we will be sure that every student that wants to participate can. Teams can be made up of different grade levels within the OBOB levels (3-5 grades, 6-8 grades.) 

What does a local battle look like?  During lunch recess, students will come to the library for their battle.  Other students are encouraged to attend so they can cheer on the teams.  Alternates will participate in the battles with their teams (this is different at the regional level.)  Alternating questions will be given to each team about the OBOB books.  Points are awarded by correctly answering questions, including the title and author of the book.  

Still confused?  Please post a question in the comments section and I will do my best to help! 

Here are some links to access to some practice questions for the 3-5 and 6-8 battles.  A parent from Scappoose School District has put this together.  Thanks Erin! If you would like access to add questions to the spreadsheet, please let me know.  

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